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Are you resourceful?

Before I made all of my social media platforms centered around Jesus, I had my own personal account. The type of account where your entire Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. was solely just pictures of yourself and on occasions a few family members and friends. I would get on average close to a couple hundred likes by the end of the day, which is nothing to some people but it was typically the norm for social media websites that I had on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (yes, I listed them again lol). Except no one actually posts too many pictures of themselves on twitter, you typically see more retweets of posts that seem to resonate with people on how they think they really are. Any who when I started blogging, I thought to myself that it would be a breeze and you were not going to convince me otherwise. I thought that people were going to come from far and wide and just repost, retweet, like, send comments like “yes girl, speak that,” etc. But no, this is a business that you truly have to have a ton of patience for and love what you do. You can’t just have that “I’m waiting on my moment” patience, but there is a ton of preparation that goes into this period as well. I will admit, and say that yes, I would like for one day to see millions and billions of people liking my content, but in order for that to happen, I had to first ask myself “Am I resourceful?” Every day I strive to pray and ask God “Am I doing all that I can to supply people with the type of advice they need in order to follow Him, or should I try a different approach?” I am a believer that people can feed off of your energy if they sense that someone is only doing something for popularity, and most importantly God knows what is in our hearts and He will test your heart at any given time. Because of this, I do check-ins with Him to make sure that I have not fallen into this trap and is sincerely pouring into people the resources to let go of a few folks, walk into their blessings, and serve God while doing it. I want to constantly learn about how to be a true vessel that drops gems consistently, so that the people who follow me can have the courage to pour into someone else.

On today, think about how you can become a resource to someone and pray to our good Lord in Heaven on what type of approach you should use. You never know you might be the next Oprah or have the cure for a disease that doctors said was non-curable, or for all my ladies who love beauty products, your brand might make you the next Sephora one day. Whatever the case may be, always make sure that God is the center and that He is the CEO of your business, because you never know how you might impact the world.

Always remember that you are Blooming for Christ, so you must be willing at all times to become a positive resource to help better serve all of God’s people.

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