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"Don't allow the presentation to fool you"

Now y’all listen, I know some people that you have dealt with have probably put on quite a show, and deserved a few Oscars for their performance. I mean hey, you were probably going to call some big-time movie producers like Devon Franklin, Bishop TD Jakes, and Tyler Perry to get them a movie deal, cause even you have to admit their acting was pretty good. But please hear me!!! Just because they have bible scriptures in their bio that just happens to be the same as yours, goes to church, wear the cross around their neck, and carry the whole bible (yes, I said the WHOLE BIBLE) IS NOT your stamp of approval that God said yes!

Let’s examine a few things shall we…

P.S. This goes for both men and women because I don’t want anyone to think I’m biased 😊

  1. Sure, their bible scripture might be the same as yours, but are they living out the scriptures they quote?

  2. Yep, yep they also go to church, but are they spiritually and mentally present?

  3. Let’s not forget about the Jesus piece, but here is the thing wearing Jesus around your neck is totally different from saying “I have him in my heart”

  4. Yes, they are carrying around a bible, but do they understand the words inside of it?

People listen, when you are dating or potentially wanting to marry someone, you have to go beyond the presentation, which is why God wants us to wait and allow Him to create our love story. He knows exactly who you need and when you need them. God is not the type of father that would give His precious children to just anybody, so what makes you think He is going to approve of that relationship of someone not in alignment with Him?

I want to ask you these two questions…

Ladies- does the man that you are currently dating show qualities of an Ephesians 5 man and can you trust that he will love you like Christ loved the church?

Gentleman- does the woman that you “love” exhibit Proverbs 31 qualities? Also, is she someone, who brings out a better you?

There are more questions that I could ask, but if you have your bibles, go to those scriptures an meditate with God and ask Him if your relationship aligns up with His will for your life.

Because, you don't want to be out here dating someone that only talks the talk. Their walk has to match up also.

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