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Embrace Who God has called you to be!

Often times it can look as if you are behind the times or not doing as much as someone else. But God has called us all to different missions in order to fulfill what He wants to get done for the Kingdom and for His Glory. No two people are alike. We are all different and that is what makes us special! God can't work with us if we strive for perfection and to be like everyone else.

What I am currently learning is that my imperfections are apart of who I am! And I am coming to love who God has made me to be. Trying to follow the crowd gets really tiresome because you will never see the same the same results. However, when you make your own trends you will discover your own passions and pursuits. God cannot bless who we pretend to be, but He will bless you if you give yourself entirely over to him.

Today, Embrace that calling, Embrace your personality because God has much need of you!

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