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Forgiveness Season.

Recently, I have been asking God for direction on the topic of Forgiveness. While in prayer on a church call, I was having a hard time asking a few of the members to forgive me for any offense that I have ever thought against them. This was pretty hard for me because for one, I wanted to make sure that I was acting out of God's will and not my own. It can be easy to follow the "trend" of others when the moment seems right. But, I have always been a person who wants to mean what I say when I say it. I probably pressed the mute/unmute button 1000 times (probably not that many, but it was a lot) because I didn't know what to say. As I sat quietly in my prayer closet, I heard the voice of the Lord say "I am here with you." Even after I heard His voice, I still had a hard time, but I refused to let my emotions get in the way and I just asked God to give me what to say. Now, I am not saying that after I asked for forgiveness and forgave everyone else that right away I felt "better." The easy part so to speak was over, but the hard part was leaving it with God. Today, I chose to let God handle each and every person that has ever wronged me. I chose this because I want every blessing that God has for me and I won't be able to receive that with bitterness and hatred towards people who may never choose to change. So, guess what? I cut those ties that held me in bondage and decided that I would let God change the people, I cannot! Will you choose forgiveness today?

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