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God said "No" because He saw things that you couldn't see.

  • I had to stop what I was doing with the promotion of Counterfeit and share this with all of you. I was looking at a sermon from Pastor Michael Todd (if you have not seen his videos then after you read this head on over to you tube, because he is seriously the GREATEST) and he said something that honestly had so much meaning.

  • He said: "The reason why the balloon went down is because there was holes in it that you couldn't see."

  • You know that last relationship that you thought was going to work, but God was up in heaven like "No, They still haven't learned their lesson from the last one! That is hurtful to hear especially when you feel like you have already been single long enough. Then come to find out years later you would have spent your life crying in a marriage you wish you were never apart of.

  • What about the time when you thought you were finally going to get your big break in the music industry and God said "No!" Then someone tells you a week later that you are lucky you didn't sign the contract, because the company was taking more money than they were supposed to.

  • What about this last one when God said "No" to your so called friend group and had all of them leave you, never to return again. But In a few years you find out that you would have never become who God wanted you to be, had they stayed around.

  • All of this can be hurtful, but one thing that I have learned is that God never says "No" without reason and He will always replace His "No's" with something greater.

  • Just think about it whatever you are going through, either similar to the examples above or something completely different , one day it will all make sense for why God had you to move on .

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