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"Gossip folks"

WATCH who you hang around and hold conversations with! It’s crazy how people will build friendships just by holding an intriguing conversation about someone they both have had a disagreement with. Keep this in mind, while you are out gossiping and setting up that next lunch date to spill the tea about whatever and whoever; just understand that the person who you are talking, about is probably somewhere striving for greatness and praying that they can move past the pain that they have caused on themselves and others.

I know that the lies, deceit, hurt, pain, and anguish was a painful situation to bare, but don’t think for one second that wishing bad on someone else or waiting with a nice Pepsi cola in hand to see someone receive their “karma” is going to make you feel any better about them or the situation.

Don’t let the Devil fool you that this will help you to heal, ONLY God can heal you from what someone has done to you.

Do yourself and that so- called friend who is your gossip buddy a favor and move on.

If you are wondering what they will say...

Let’s just say that now you are worried about giving someone an explanation because you have gotten in so deep that you don’t know what say regarding ending the "friendship." Here’s the thing when you pray and ask God to handle the situation, he will either do one of two things-

1. He will make a way to where you don’t ever have to say a word and will have them to leave willingly.


2. He will give you the words to say.

So, go on and two step right on out of that toxic gossipy friendship because here is your confirmation right here

Proverbs 20: 19-

He that goeth about as a talebearer revealtheth secrets

Therefore meddle not with him that flattereth with lips.

Just know that if they are talking about someone to you then most likely they have probably told a few lies on you as well.

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