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he's not Him

he's not Him point. blank. period! Meaning the man that you are currently dating right now, talking to, under the impression that y'all are together; whatever the case may be, he is not God. Therefore he should never get more attention than the one you give up above. Before I had gotten into my last relationship, it was very important to me that God was in the center of it all. Once the guy came along, I would always say "God you are the center" and "he comes second." You know all that good stuff, but the crazy thing is, although I said it and in my heart I truly did want God to know He was far more important than any man could ever be, my actions didn't align with my heart. The more the relationship progressed, the closer I became with him and the farther away I was moving from God. No relationship should ever make you feel like God should be last or that you have to compromise your love Him. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this get out while you can. Don't keep letting the warning signs pile up until something bad happens.

Ladies, God wants relationship for you. Trust me he does, but he doesn't want you to compromise your love for Him in order to have it. When you feel like you have to this, it only signifies that the man you're currently dating was never the one in the first place. If God is telling you to let him go just know that He saw the tears, he heard the prayers, and your heart, and wants you to trust Him that He will give you a great man!

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