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It's time to Believe Bigger!

I absolutely love the book "Believing Bigger" by Marshawn Evans Daniels that it was only right that I purchase the devotional as well (I will write a separate review on the chapter book a little later on the blog.) I am currently trying to stick with reading a devotional message day by day, but each page causes me to want to continue to read all the way through the entire book. So, y'all please pray my strength hahaha.

One thing, I am learning is that when God calls you into a greater atmosphere there is no time to slow walk towards it. I must be willing to run to the place He is calling me to. Within this devotional there are prompts that allows me to reflect on what I just read (this I love so much.) There is also a small prayer at the end of each daily devotion.

Overall, I am just super excited about this journal and can't wait to continue my 100 days of Believing Bigger!!!

If you do not who Marshawn Evans Daniels is I would definitely check her out on social media @Marshawnevans. She has a story to tell and is dedicated to helping women Believe we are capable of doing amazing things.

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