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It's time to move on.

Recently, I have found myself at a point to where I had to start making some decisions. Either I was going to let a few people go and move on with my life, or I could continue to communicate with them knowing that there is nothing that these persons have to offer me. Perhaps you have felt like "maybe I need to distance myself from a few people also" (inserting thinking emoji). If you have been thinking about this, then there is a possibility that the Lord is trying to get you to understand that he has some other friend or significant other that is much better for you. We can sometimes feel like we are overthinking things and do not want to come off as judgmental, but there is nothing wrong with choosing God and staying clear of people who are not adding to your purpose in life. Do you have to treat these people "funny?" No. You can still love people, but this time you are choosing to do so from a very long distance. Pray for them and move on. Now is the time to walk in purpose. I realized that a few days ago. When was the time it sunk in for you to move on from a few folk?

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