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Just don't have the time

Recently, I have been getting frustrated with allowing people who no longer hold any significance in my life, take up a lot of my time. Because of this, I find myself sleepier throughout the day and once the day is over, I realized that I was not able to accomplish the very thing that I had set out to do for that day. This leaves me upset with myself, because of the time that I've wasted carrying on with things that hold no purpose whatsoever. There have been calls that I have left me thinking "what was the purpose of that conversation?" People who has drained me for advice, only to turn around and do the exact opposite, etc. I mean it was like I couldn't catch a break.

Because of this I have been spending a lot of time with God; praying and asking Him for guidance with situations that are causing me grief. If you are someone who has realized that you have zero tolerance for what your past life had to "offer" and are wanting to move on to something bigger. Then I encourage you to pray and ask God for direction in this next season.

Remember, God is here for you and He will help you throughout any situation.

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