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No more procrastination in my life.

I must admit that I have been overly procrastinating lately. Being stuck in the house all day can honestly make you feel like you have a ton of "lazy days" ahead. When in reality God is giving us all time to give Him our undivided attention. Today I am saying goodbye to procrastination and hello to consistency. I believe that I said some time ago, that it was not enough for God to want to see us flourish, but we must want it for ourselves as well. And I am willing to do all that I have to, in order to show Him that I am very much grateful for all of the gifts and talents that He has blessed me with.

If you have been procrastinating lately will you join me in leaving procrastination behind and driving off with consistency. Lol does that make sense?

Either way procrastination is no longer apart of our success journey.

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