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Prayer (Frustration)

· God, I am praying to You on today because I am feeling extremely frustrated about this current situation that seems to have no end. I am asking You to please guide my footsteps, for I do not know the best way to handle this issue. I am asking You as humbly as I know how to please HELP me understand the beauty in this situation. HELP me not to lose sight of the promises that You have spoken into my life, even though frustration tells me that I should give up. It appears that everywhere I turn there is something happening, causing my frustration levels to rise. It has honestly made me question what my purpose truly is, but I know that Your desire is for me to keep trusting You, so HELP me to do just that without getting mad or angry with You! All I am asking is that You guide my footsteps, because I refuse to give up. It is safe to say, that although things did not plan out the way that I hoped, I know that YOU have a plan. Scripture reads in 1 Peter 5:7 “casting the whole of your care on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully (AMP).” I need You like never before, and I am asking that You please replace frustration with faith and pain with peace. Now, anything else that might frustrate me on today; I ask that You please come into my heart and HELP me to take care of every situation. I realize that with You by my side, I can handle all things that seem impossible to bare. Therefore, I am asking that frustration leaves my mind and heart on today. Once again, please give me peace! I love You so much and I give You all the honor and praise, In Jesus name I do pray, Amen!

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