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Singing: Taking Care of Business

Before you get into that next relationship Have you first....

1. Fully allowed yourself to heal from the last one?

2. Taken care of any insecurities that you have had in the past?

3. Fully forgave the last person who broke your heart?

5. Put away childish things?

6. Allowed God to mature your mindset on dating His way?

7. Asked God what does your next relationship look like in His eyes?

8. Talked with God about your desires for your next relationship? Also include any worries so that He can help ease any that you may have.

9. Asked God how to truly love someone the way that Christ loves us?

10. Fully stepped back from doing relationships your way and are willing to allow the Lord to handle it all this time?

With each step comes discipline and we must ask ourselves have we done any of the these things on this list. If not, maybe it is time for you to now start thinking about the questions that were probably not taken in to account in your last relationship. What are your deal breakers? Because, Ladies your future husband has every right to know what he is getting himself into and the same goes for you Gentlemen about your wife. In this season, let us all strive to please God and not make this next relationship another "ENTANGLEMENT!"

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