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So, you are choosing to stay in the relationship, but you can’t trust them. Why?

Do I need to say more? Like, that question right there is enough to make someone wonder. But for those saying..

“I’m staying because they owe me” or whatever the case may be, I’m going to explain.

For one, if God did not ordain the relationship, then trust and believe, the relationship won’t be lasting very long, so I would hold off on birthday and Christmas gifts if I were you. No matter how many “I’m sorry’ s” you get, flower bouquets, long text messages, etc. nothing will ever work and give you that peace of mind that it is ok to stay. I remember when I tried to work past what my ex- boyfriend had done to me, it seemed like no amount of trying had ever satisfied me and it wasn’t that I was not willing to try and work things out with this man, believe me I was, but like I said WHEN GOD SAYS NO, THEN CHILD JUST QUIT WHILE YOU ARE AHEAD. I would say I forgive, but then whenever I thought about the situation, I became mad all over again (this showed that I didn’t truly forgive him). I would say I loved him, but in reality, I was thinking about what my life would be like had I been with someone who was faithful. There was so many thoughts roaming through my mind that honestly this made me think… why stay?

-Some people might stay with their Bf/ or Gf because they feel that they are owed something. And that just might very well be the case, but once all the gifts are given, the trips have been taken. You are still going to be faced with an emptiness and anger because you are not fully satisfied.

-The problem always remains there if you do not take it to God. If working on your trust seems more taxing and stressful on the brain, then it might be time to re-evaluate if you should continue staying in the relationship .

-I can certainly vouch for this one because whenever my ex-boyfriend would say he was doing something I would immediately say “he’s lying” or “I know there is more to the story,” even when there might have been days that he could have very well been telling the truth. But being that he had lost all of my trust, I found it hard to have confidence in him. So honestly there was no point in staying, and God showed me every time that things would only get worse.

-In the end, I had to choose to either continue putting a band-aid over my heart or trust in God and move on. What will choose today?

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