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Stay in the fight!

Lately, I have been feeling very down. I have allowed my joy to slip away and I feel as if I have been doing things my way instead of God's way. Because of this I have felt exhausted majority of my days and I have been procrastinating more than usual. Here is the thing that I have also realized; are you ready for it? Because I have a lot of things that I have been asking God to make happen in my life, the Devil has also been trying to steal my peace and happiness in the process. But guess what, I am making the decision that He won't win. There is too much that I have to get done, and if you have been feeling a little down lately, just know that you too have things that the Lord wants you to accomplish as well.

Keep pressing on and staying in the fight. God is not through with you yet!

Matthew 28:20- "I am with you all the days."

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