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The B.I.B.L.E.

When I first began to read my Bible, I was reading with the mission to complete the entire book starting at Genesis to Revelation in one year. I was dedicated, but I wasn't taking out the time to study the scriptures and meditate on God's word like I do now. The Bible is a book that I had to learn very quickly, that it could not be treated like any other book that I picked up from Barnes and Nobles, but it was to be read on a far greater scale. Now, every time I read, I get amazed and thank God for how good he is and allow Him to speak. I also try my best to live out the scriptures with the help of His guidance. The mission is never to be holier than thou or perfect, but to allow God to help me to become who He wants me to be, so I can bring glory to His name.

Today I encourage you that if you have read the scriptures on the blog, or maybe have been reading your own bible, ask yourself these two main questions.

1. What stood out to me the most and what is my takeaway while reading these scriptures?

2. How will I incorporate the scriptures that I have read today, in my daily life?

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