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Time for a change

The Lord has really been putting me in a position to trust Him and ONLY HIM! Recently I created a website for kids for my reading club and although I have been having fun taking pictures and creating new content, I still felt like something was missing. Because of this I began to doubt the process. You know how it is when something seems like it is taking too long to come to pass you give up "hope." As I was sitting in my prayer closet the Lord asked "why do you doubt?" I thought of every possible reason to say "Lord, I don't doubt you." But doubting Him was not what He was asking entirely. He was asking me about why am I doubting the process. Honestly, the only answer that I came up with was that it was taking too long. But, one thing about God is that He is not going to give us all of his blessings until He sees fit for us to receive them.

I will admit that there is still so much ground work that I must cover while working on this platform and my reading club. But, I need to always remember that when God promises us something that He will never take back what He said!

With that being said, I figured today would be the day that I change my mindset to have continuing faith in the unknown instead of basing my "success" off of what I am seeing around me. Our eyes can deceive us, so it's best that we look to God before anything or anyone else.

What change do you need to make in your life in order to trust God more?

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