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Today is the day to allow God to help you move on from those who have hurt you!

Isn’t it funny how we will tell our friends, family members, co-workers, and anyone else who will listen that we have moved on from the past? But as soon as someone comes with some type of information on the person that has wronged us, we immediately grab the popcorn, along with the high-priced candy, get a front row seat, and make the source promise to not leave anything out of the story. Now, don’t lie and say you haven’t been interested in hearing the “updates” on the one that has hurt you or caused a great amount of pain in your life, especially when you were hoping they were going to get what they deserved anyway. I will admit to all of you reading this post and say that I used to be “that person.” If that updated information talked about someone’s downfall, I was quick to say something like “see look, God don’t like ugly,” or “uhm, I had a feeling something was going to happened.” Knowing goodness well it was less of a “feeling” and more of an assumption. Now, this was the wrong way of thinking, because I was entertaining conversation with a motive not approving to God. I had to learn that just because someone had wronged me, didn’t give me the right to marvel in their downfall. I was no better than them, because my thoughts were from a hurtful state. I can recall talking to people and would look for that one set piece of information that would have me like “Wow, I can’t believe that happened.” Both God and I knew that, I said one thing, but I was thinking something totally different, because now someone had hurt them, like they had hurt me. At the time the pain was still present, and I was not willing to fully let go what the person/persons had done to me. The more God began to deal with me and heal my heart, I realized that in order to move on from the hurt that people had caused me, I had to be honest with God and forgive those people. Yes, it’s true God does not like ugly, but He also wasn’t going to have me “rejoicing” over someone else’s downfall either. Moments like these only prove that the hurt was still there, and a decision had to be made. Either you allow God to heal you or continue to remain hurt, plain and simple. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t allow the things that people did to overtake me. There would be days where I found myself replaying the images in my head and it was honestly making me angrier. For example, you know that moment when a certain person’s name gets brought up and it immediately makes you feel some type of way, or when you see them out in public you either go the other way, or act petty when you walk past them. Yeah, these examples here are something else, but we still do them, right? However God wanted me to know that He saw what took place and He knew that it hurt me tremendously, but He wanted me to choose him and understand that where I am going, there was no room to be mad at people from the past.

Today is the day that He wants you to understand the same thing as well, because God is up to something in 2020 and that hurt cannot go with you in this next season.

Our Scripture reading for today comes from….

Psalms 147: 3 – He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds [curing their pains and sorrows]. AMP

Always remember you are Blooming for Christ, so you have no time to dwell on the things or people of the past!

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