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When God closes one door, there is always another that will open!

Finding out what happened between my ex-boyfriend and his brother’s girlfriend seemed like the most painful thing that I had to endure. I can still see the text messages in my head and can recall the night that my ex and I had gotten off the phone. There were so many emotions that I had experienced during that time, that I honestly couldn’t see how we would ever move on from something so serious. Especially since this girl went everywhere with his family. I mean she went on trips, restaurant outings, and even went to their family reunions, as you can see just by these few examples, she was literally the daughter-in-law in the making. Being that this was the case, I kept trying to convince myself that I could possibly move past this, but let’s be honest, how could I? How was I supposed to feel comfortable knowing that God was basically telling me that I need to move on with my life before it gets worse, and I most certainly was not one to fake like everything was ok just to protect an image. That’s where most people fall short. Even though my ex-boyfriend would say things like “I’m willing to fight for all of your love back,” or “didn’t Jesus heal the woman with the issue of blood?” Which I replied “Yes” and then he would ask “Do you believe that he will heal us?” Although I said “Yes,” deep down I actually meant, “No.” I had realized a few weeks later while continuing to pray, that God was not going to work anything out. For one, God does not co-sign something that is not in align with his plan. There would be days where I would try and picture what life would be like with us moving forward, but truthfully, I didn’t like the thought of it at all. I didn’t like the fact that I was starting to become insecure and my trust level was becoming very low. Isn't this how some of us end up? Especially when someone has broken trust in a relationship. We become mad and upset, but still in some miraculously way, expect God to make a way, when we are looking right at Him telling us to trust Him enough to move on. That was my problem I didn’t want to “miss out on anything,” so I figured I should just fix my attitude and maybe God would bless us. During my alone time with Him, I would try to alter His instructions for the next steps that I needed to take regarding this man, in order to fit what I wanted, so that I could take the easy way out. One day, I was finally willing to open my eyes and listen to what God had to say. My main question to Him was, “How do you move on from someone, knowing that you can’t forget their wrong, but you must forgive?” With this, God wanted me to understand that I might not forget the actions, but forgiveness will give me the freedom to not let their actions have power over me.

My advice to you is, don’t take your dating stage lightly, so when God shows you signs early that they are not the one, don’t try to justify it to fit what you want. You all aren’t married, so we have to stop acting as if they are the only fish in the sea. There is no reason to stay in something that is seriously not serving you any purpose. I won’t lie to you and act like forgiving him was easy, no, there were some days where I told him I forgave and then I became mad all over again. But, over time, God began to change my heart after we had broken up, towards him and the situation.

Honestly, I concluded that “HURT PEOPLE, hurt people.

Always remember you are blooming for Christ, so you have to be willing to understand that it is ok to accept God’s “NO” for an even bigger “YES!”

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